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Don Carlos Buell

Birth: March 23, 1818 in Marietta, Ohio

Death: November 19, 1898 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Residence: San Francisco, California; Washington, D. C.; Muhlenberg County, Kentucky


Biography: Graduate of the United States Military Academy in 1841. Married Margaret Hunter Mason. Veteran of the Seminole and Mexican-American wars. Lieutenant Colonel and Adjutant of the Department of the Pacific in San Francisco, California, at the outset of the war. Commissioned Brigadier General on May 17, 1861 and came to Washington, D.C. to train troops. Commanded the Department of the Ohio from November 1861 to October 24, 1862. Resigned from the United States Army on June 1, 1864. President of the Green River Iron Co from 1865.


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