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Names, prefixed N in MashBill, must be historical individuals, living or dead before December 31, 1865. Civil War Governors will not annotate fictional, mythological, or religious figures. Biographical information captured should be current through December 31, 1865 and not extend beyond that date with the exception of dates of death and the expiration of offices assumed by the end of 1865.

A Name entry will contain (if known) birth and death dates and locations, a principal residence during the period of project scope (1860-1865), a short annotated biography, and citations.

The principal residence is meant to help project staff and users quickly distinguish between individuals with similar names (is this the John Smith from Lexington or from Paducah?) and is not meant to be a definitive record of their residence and movements during the period of scope. That more complete information can be found in the text of the biography.