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Organizations, prefixed O in Mashbill, are documentable entities including governmental agencies, military units and departments, incorporated businesses, social and benevolent organizations.

Law and business partnerships named after the owners (e.g. Baird & Price) will be tagged when they appear under the corporate name and style on a document. Steamboats and other similar entities will be considered organizations, and the text of the ID will show corporate ownership, if any.

Agencies of government will have organizational entries separate from the physical places they represent. Hence, the "Commonwealth of Kentucky" will be an organizational entry, while "Kentucky" will be a place entry. "Franklin County Court" will be an organizational entry, while "Franklin County" will be a place.

An Organization entry will contain (if known) formation and dissolutaion dates and locations (akin to brith and death for people), a principal location during the period of project scope (1860-1865), a short annotated biography, and citations.

Like for Names, the principal location is meant to help project staff and users quickly distinguish between institutions with similar names (is this Christ Church of Lexington or Louisville?) and is not meant to be a definitive record of the institution's location and movements (in, for example, the case of steam boats) during the period of scope. That more complete information can be found in the text of the biography.